Scratchy Noises Goes Overseas, Sunday 2 June


Scratchy Noises took to the high seas over to the beautiful Island of Arran today. The sun shone and we had a lovely sail arriving in sunny Brodick where we scrambled with all our stuff on to the bus which took us up to Brodick Castle. Ken Thorburn, the Property Manager, gave us a very warm welcome and took us to a lovely spot beside the Castle where we spent most of the day playing our music looking out over the water. Visitors appeared to enjoy listening to us and we even had one or two dancers and folk asking for our CD,so we must be getting better! We sat outside in the sun for lunch too which all added to the enjoyment of the day. We then caught the open top bus back to Brodick where we enjoyed a bar supper followed by an impromptu session outside in the sun with the wonderful backdrop of a gorgeous calm sea, Goatfell and Brodick Castle (and a bouncy castle right beside us!) before catching the ferry back to Ardrossan. It can’t get better than that. A great day out and thanks to Ken and the team at Brodick for making us feel so welcome.


Photos below courtesy of Ronnie Briggs.  David is the only one smiling – but he confesses he was busy trying to attract Ronnie’s attention so was ready with his posing!


18 Responses to “Scratchy Noises Goes Overseas, Sunday 2 June”

  1. alanstor Says:

    I couldn’t agree more with everything you say Alison . Thanks to you and the team at Brodick castle and to my fellow scratchers for a fabulous day !!

  2. Valerie Says:

    Great day out. I think the midges enjoyed us too.

  3. Frances Says:

    Sorry I missed it.
    So glad the sun shone and you had a lovely day.I wasn’t far away though just across the water in Troon chasing the diabetic cat around the garden trying to give him his injection. I eventually did at 11am!! should have 7.30am!

  4. neilbeck Says:

    I for one loved the day out, hopefully the first of many trips ‘ abroad’ for scratchy!

    I didnt see any midges, I dont know what everyone was going on about. I did notice a pesky photographer though, who was getting a bit close for comfort (I thought he was going to be sitting in someone’s lap), looked like he had either a particular fondness for either for Alison or Alan…not sure which!

    • Donnie Briggs Says:

      Pesky?? Sent some photos to Valerie

      • Valerie Says:

        Thanks Donnie – very much appreciated. I will put a couple on the blog. I’m glad we created some interesting subject matter and we always like to have photos.

      • neilbeck Says:

        Donnie my appologies… I was only sending what I thought was a bit of lighthearted banter between bandmembers. I wasnt being serious and I certainly didn’t mean to offend, although I can see that it might be construed otherwise.

        I’ve seen your photographs and I’m much impressed…lets be honest you didn’t have a lot to work with and you’ve done a great job, thanks for sending us them, that was very kind of you… Just one question though.. Who was it really you had your eye on .. Alison or Alan? Alison is the glamous one in the polka blouse and Alan is the ugly one in the cap 🙂 Finally, do you know anyone who wants to buy a couple of used panama hats, suitable for retired crimelords?
        Take care Donnie and thx

      • Donnie Briggs Says:

        Hi Neil, no need for apologies. I know how daunting it can be on the wrong end of a 300mm lens lol. Tell Alan I’ll be in touch haha. As for the Panama hats, this old crimelord has two already. Take care my friend and keep playing the music.

  5. alanstor Says:

    This is a great photo . I particularly like the two Mexican drug dealers sitting at the back .

  6. Ian A MacLean Says:

    “Paparazzi,” issues.! The price of fame!

  7. stevie Says:

    Mexican drug dealers, what are you toking about? You’re talking about the sharp-dressed Birdman of Brodick Castle there and the man who put the Galore into Whisky!!

  8. alanstor Says:

    Aye right !! Jist gimme an ounce o smack , a kilo of coke n a dozen E’s , n put it oan ma tab , Pancho !!

    • stevie Says:

      Ha, the strongest you’ll be getting Mr P is a MSR. Besides, that’s not a tab it’s a bus pass! And if I’m Pancho who’s the one on the left?

  9. alanstor Says:

    Cheers , Pancho . Mugshot #2 is Cisco de stashio . He conceals the stash in his beard at customs knowing they will not search it due to the half eaten fajita still attached to his whiskers. As they say in ole Meheehoe , the bigger the beard the bigger the – – – – – ? . Wrong , ladies , it’s STASH !!

    • neilbeck Says:

      Alan, fantastic…I had heard David lost his whistle for a fortnight and that turned up in his beard. What else have they been saying in ole Meheeehoe?

  10. christine Clark Says:

    A big Thank You to everyone for making it one of the best days ever. Thanks to Alison for organising it all & the weather . A big Thank You to Valerie who started the Scratchy journey……………….

  11. Carol Says:

    I can only re-iterate exactly what Christine said, and to add that it will be a day I will remember, and treasure always. Carol xx

  12. stevie Says:

    You’ll all have noticed by now we’ve the sensible talk full of thanks and praise (or is it banks and braes?) and then we’ve got the men!!

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