Scratchy Noises – 3 Years Anniversary


Hello All,

Our first gig took place June 2010 and we are invited back to the same venue each year to ‘perform’.

This year’s event will be 16th June in Pollock Park.  Playing from around 10.00-11.30.

Who want’s to play – Roy, Davie and I have already booked in.  Go on – it is fun and very informal.

The runners only hear a small snippet before moving on so we can repeat the tunes we feel confident at as many times as we want.

Any questions please ask.

Keep on Running

Keep on Running




3 Responses to “Scratchy Noises – 3 Years Anniversary”

  1. christine Clark Says:

    Hi Valerie

    Looks like I can make it this year. Lets hope the sun shines!

  2. Ian A MacLean Says:

    Just to confirm “I’m free!”

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