Masonic hall, Muirhead. Workshop for M.S.R.’s (March, strathspey and reel.)


Scratchy noises workshop no 7 with “The Man – The Legend” Nigel Gatherer.

It was the first time that we have tried the Masons Hall in Chryston due to the Crowwood hotel being booked, and it seemed to work out just fine. We had 25 plus Nigel and fitted in nicely with the chairs slightly staggered. Refreshments


were soup and sandwiches (from local supplier ‘Feast’) plus fresh fruit, crisps, tea, coffee, cookies and juices.

The people were a good mix of well mannered, fun loving, “musicians” having travelled from far and wide through the snow, wind and rain. (Except Roy who got snowed in on the A77)

We managed to get through all 5 of the tunes that were prepared for the day. See the blog cos the names are too long for me to type in on my phone.

Duke of Fife’s Welcome To Deeside

Stirling Castle

Staten Island

Bulgarian Red


I am going to keep this short as I am in curlers pub with Archie, Jim and Valerie going to eat fish and chips before Finlay arrives to do the slow session.

Nigel brought his knowledge of how to keep many different people together musically and socially as usual. Well done Nigel. Lots of things for working on later as well.

…got to go my beer is getting warm.

Keep on Scratching.


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5 Responses to “Masonic hall, Muirhead. Workshop for M.S.R.’s (March, strathspey and reel.)”

  1. Douglas Scott Says:

    as usual , a terrific session from Nigel with the usual happy participation from the Scratchy crowd
    lets not forget the organisation and commitment from Valerie the wee powerhouse that she is…………..and you to Davie for eh……
    em…………hing oan will come to me………..
    baker!……. guitar tutor!…….. supporter………
    dish-washer supervisor!……………
    (ah no ma place ye no)

    back to your warm beer ya wee soul

  2. alanstor Says:

    An excellent workshop with very interesting tunes , nice food and folk. Cheers Valerie , Davie and Nigel.

    • Valerie Says:

      I really enjoyed the workshop too – such a lovely bunch of folk and it really made a difference that everyone helped out with the organisation and tidying up.

  3. Archie Says:

    I really enjoyed the day. Friendly musical people. Nigel pushing us to improve. Good location, but I’m glad I brought a warm fleece.

    Thanks to David and Valerie for organising the event with their usual quiet efficiency and working hard during the day to make it run smoothly. Douglas I agree Valerie is a wee powerhouse! Looking forward to the next one.

  4. Frances Says:

    Lovely day Valerie!!! Thanks for all your hard work. Really enjoyed it. Had loads of fun. Enjoyed all the tunes we played thanks to Nigel. Enjoyed the Bulgarian and Breton tunes Mitchell!!!

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