Presents from Finlay Allison


Hi Folks,

Finlay has supplied  a chord chart from Sunday’s workshop and recorded the guitar part on to a sound file.  He has added lead guitar to it as a guide to the melody players who might want to play along for practising.  The guitars can read the chords and vamp along and that means there’s a melody on the track for them to listen to while strumming.

The instructions in red are for the guitarists.

Thistle of Scotland D (guitar part)

Sound file can be obtained at:

Davie will also add this info to the tunes page when he has time.



2 Responses to “Presents from Finlay Allison”

  1. davidjstrachan Says:

    Davie has added this PDF to the table on the, “tunes we play” page.

  2. douglas scott Says:

    you are so talented Finlay….for one so young!
    many thanks-this is terrific stuff

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