Mixter Maxter Review


After our foray to Denholm Folk Festival last weekend where we saw the New Rope String Band who were brilliant, and are on a Celtic Connections if you are interested, we spent yesterday at the Steeple in Newburgh, Fife.

Nigel Gatherer was leading a workshop where several tunes were arranged to suit the range of instruments that were there.  I’ve never heard a wee blue doo-da solo in a tune arrangement before:

Blue Melodica

Blue Melodica

You never know what you are going to get from a workshop but this one exceeded my expectations.

I liked the tune choice and I got to indulge in my hobby of counting……1,2,3,4, banjo, 1,2,3,4, guitars, 1,2,3,4, everyone…….

Nigel is very good at making sure the day is inclusive and I didn’t notice anyone left feeling uncomfortable as is often the case at other workshops.  Only one tune seemed to go a bit too fast at times for most folk making the notes a bit less precise – I think it was the punters enthusiasm making it go faster….

There wasn’t a lot of sitting about  – most of the time everyone had something to play or think about.

Folk were generally respectful of the other attendees which makes a huge difference to everyone’s enjoyment so thanks all – great band mates!

Nigel runs various workshops and details can usually be found on his site:


Overall I am still up for giving music workshops a go (but not those where they do learning by ear).

So it’s off to the Islay Sessions next weekend:



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