Practice Update 29th October 2012


Thanks for leading the practice last night Iain.

We are still managing to attempt some of the less familiar tunes such as Hut on Staffin Island and Rakes of Mallow and they will get there if we persevere.

Next practice Monday 5th November.

Note there will be an additional practice 1-5ish on 11th November in the Wee Dram Bar.  There will be a tutor from 3-5 to help us practice some of the tunes we are not very strong on yet.  Tunes to be confirmed.  Details of this session will be on a page on the menu on the right of this page soon.  If you want to reserve a space in advance do feel free to email me







2 Responses to “Practice Update 29th October 2012”

  1. alanstor Says:

    Aye! Cheers Chieftain . Good job. Sooo
    o much better than last weeks leader!! Lol !

  2. Neil Says:

    Only to be expected!

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