Blawarthill Church – Cheese and Wine


Scratchy Noises Background Band

Good gig last night.  Think it was definetly ‘Blazin’ Fuddles’ as we confidently played some of the tunes quite fast – sometimes on purpose!  I was also pleasantly surprised that some of the tunes I was worried about worked out much stronger than I expected.

We were given a warm welcome from the lovely folk at Blawarthill Church and we enjoyed ourselves immensely.

Hope Neil has managed to put his leopard print hangers to good use.

Cheese and Wine Party

Blawarthill Church – Cheese and Wine Party Animals


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One Response to “Blawarthill Church – Cheese and Wine”

  1. neil Says:

    Bloody Hangers!

    I’m going to have to reinvent my whole wardrope just to get some matching clobber to put them to use. Except the underpants of course – I have them already in stock!

    On the phone to Bet Lynch (Coronation St) as I speak for some quality fashion advice.

    Fancy a wee shopping trip to get some fasionable attire for yours as well at the same time?

    Do you what… I knew I was going to win that last raffle. I even thought of hiding my ticket, but the folk there were so nice they would have made a fuss over finding the winner…not worth the attempt.

    Defn keeping them tho’.

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