East Renfrewshire Doors Open Day, Greenbank, 1 September


Had a good day out at Greenbank playing in an almost flyaway gazebo in front of the house which added to the  fun. We enjoyed playing old favourites along with some newer tunes, Waltz of the Little Girls and Highlanders Revenge. I have been told that visitors enjoyed listening to our music in the background while they wandered through the house and that it added to the day.  I think some of the local dog walkers also enjoyed it, though not so sure about the dogs!


2 Responses to “East Renfrewshire Doors Open Day, Greenbank, 1 September”

  1. stevie Says:

    A good day indeed despite the wind which just made it even more exciting than usual. Of course some of the players spent as much time admiring the dogs as playing tunes! Thanks again to Alison for organising the event and the staff at Greenbank for welcoming us and providing the flying gazebo.

  2. Ian A MacLean Says:

    Now there’s a title for our follow up album.
    “The Flying Gazebo!”
    Thanks again to Alison and the Staff at Greenbank!

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