The Gathering


A number of us went to Crieff today for a day of music led by Nigel Gatherer and his lovely assistant Alan Shute.

Nigel and Alan
There were over 60 folk there with mandolins, violins, whistles, flutes, recorders, guitars, moothies, various boxes and there was also a cello and a harp and probably a few more unusual things that we didn’t spot.

The Assembled Hoards of Musicians
I’d describe the playing as joining a strathspey and reel society practice but not as quick – which suited us fine.

Generally the day moved along quickly so no time to get bored – neither way too fast or slow.

Didn’t need to play my percussion – managed to join in all tunes on either violin or guitar.

There were lots of new tunes as well as many familiar numbers.

Well pleased with the pancakes and meringues provided – fantastic.

My favourite new tune on the violin was Neevie Neevie Nick Nack, and for accompaniement I liked doing Johnny McIljohn’s No.1.

Good day out and would recommend Nigel’s workshops to anyone.


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One Response to “The Gathering”

  1. Nigel Gatherer Says:

    A big thank you to Scratchy Noises for making the journey to Crieff. You helped to make the day brilliant.

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