Babbity Bowster’s 12th May 2012


Went along to Babbity’s yesterday and got to play and sing a few songs – thanks for having us!

The musician’s there kindly played the Glensides, Scratchy Noises Set, Calum’s B Road, and yes – the Britches and Egan’s – where were you Paul?

Davie did a couple of songs and I even did a no very good solo of Colgrave Sound.

I am going to add The Bonnie Lass of Bon Accord, The East Neuk of Fife, and All the Blue Bonnets over the Border to my to learn list.  This last one what do you think is best – 6/8 march or jig version?

Looking foward to Nigel’s workshop next weekend:



5 Responses to “Babbity Bowster’s 12th May 2012”

  1. Paul Says:

    Sounds great Valerie – drop me a note when you are next heading down and we can get a few tunes in together. I didn’t head in this week as I was not sure it would be on with so many of the group heading down to Moniave for the festival.

    Shame also I missed Egan’s Polka as it is simply the greatest tune that has ever been written. Both Beethoven and Mozart went to their deaths dreaming of writing something with such complexity and beauty. Personally, I think it’s mince.


    PS I can comment but cannot write reviews/ blogs on the site. Can you please add me to the list who can so I can think about organising an accompaniment workshop at Berkely?

    • Valerie Says:

      Hi Paul,

      Yes there are tunes I like better too – I guess everyone has the tune they don’t like which just leaves us with the Milltimber Jig – surely everyone likes that one.

      Sent you another invite to author on the blog.

  2. davidjstrachan Says:

    Paul, I have to disagree, (Please read in a radio 4 sort of voice at this point 😉 )
    Egans Polka, It has and will always have a soft spot in my heart as it was the first tune I learned to play on the banjo. In my beginner book, for feckless banjo playing, it was only given the title of Polka in E,(Yes in E, as my banjo is a full size – MANLY – tenor banjo, not one of those girly short neck jobs, and so it is tuned CGDA) but despite this I persevered and learned it, and have loved it ever since. I thought it was so good a tune that i never bothered learning any more on the banjo as nothing else would ever be able to compare and would just pail into insignificance in the company of Egan.

    Egans – Egans – Egans -Egans- Egans

    Remember: – Egans Polka is not just for Christmas.


    • stevie Says:

      I’m with Paul on this one. If I had a Rolf Harris stylophone I might play E***’s Polka on it because it’s that kind of tune. Please read in a stylophonic voice at this point
      ee ee ee ee
      ee ee ee ee
      e e e e e e e

      Now Calum’s Road, there’s a tune worth playing!

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