Kirkie Acoustic Night


Some of us attended the acoustic night last night.

I experimented with some flourishes, variations on F#m and other bits and bobs.

Many of the songs were being sung a bit low so I also experimented with singing up an octave – which was actually ok in C – not sure about some of the other keys – or how bad it sounded to Jim who was sitting next to me while I experimented!

I think I won the bottom trumps of having the thinnest plectrum.  I also had a big fat one that I used for the tunes I was more familiar with.    This was nothing to do with planning and more to do with what was lurking in my bag.

So despite only dusting my guitar down once a month or so I think I am actually improving – very slowly.

Some more bits of wood and plastic fell of it but it still makes a noise.  Anyway if it falls to bits I will need to learn to use the bass or broken mandolin banjo I have in the cupboard and I am sure no-one is ready for that!

Earlier in the day we went to a recital by Pedro Ribeiro Rodrigues.  Conclusion – big hands and wee guitar.   I am sure his hand spanned more than 1/2 the fretboard.



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