Greenbank Daffodil Day, Sunday 15 April 2012


Greenbank Daffodil Day, Sunday 15 April
Another fun day out. Played some of our old favourites along with some of our new tunes including the Wild Rose of the Mountain which I thought we played quite well. Enjoyed Daffodil afternoon tea with lovely home baking provided by the Friends of Greenbank – thank you. Also never realised how many different varieties of daffodils there are – 285 were on display in the house. And as for the daffodil hats worn by some band members, well what can I say, they went down an absolute storm and were definitely a sight to behold! Once seen never forgotten…!

Stevie and Friends

Stevie and Friends

Here is a slideshow of a few moments during the day. It’s good to see that Iain and Mally eventually joined in with the hats 😉


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25 Responses to “Greenbank Daffodil Day, Sunday 15 April 2012”

  1. Valerie Says:

    Photos coming soon……

  2. alanstor Says:

    Big pansy!! No , I mean that one on the table!!

  3. Ian(Bodhran) Says:

    My God I’ve sprouted!

  4. Paul Says:

    Great soundtrack! Where could I get a copy?

  5. scottishalison Says:

    Love the slide show the daffs look great and so do the daffy hats….. The soundtrack is quite good too – wonder who recorded it….. YouTube coming to Greenbank tomorrow to record so will see if I can get a slot…..maybe I should have had a daffy hat after all…..

  6. malybain Says:

    I think David has just disproved an old Arabian proverb which says that a man with headwear has hope and he who has hope has a everything.

  7. stevie Says:

    Of course he’s a spy. Malybain is an anagram of A’m Lybian

  8. malybain Says:

    Excellent perception Stevie. This may test you.
    Неуклюжие шумы навсегда.

  9. stevie Says:

    What was the tune?

  10. stevie Says:

    You’re at it, that sounds more like Bobby Shaftoe…..

  11. scottishalison Says:

    Excuse me but you two are filling up my Inbox! Personally I think it’s that big yellow daffodil that’s the spy……

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