Garnock Valley Traditional Music Group 11/04/12


Went for a scratch along tonight.

We played Lochanside and The Highland Brigade at Magarsfontien and a wide range of tunes including ones called ‘Come Back Paddy Reilly to Ballyjamesduff’ and ‘Garcon Volange’ .  Luckily someone picked Calum’s Road before the end and then we finished up with Leaving Lismore.





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4 Responses to “Garnock Valley Traditional Music Group 11/04/12”

  1. ronnie muirhead Says:

    hi where do you all meet?

    • Valerie Says:

      Hello Ronnie,

      Garnock Valley Group meet in Radio City, Kilbirnie every Wed 7-9pm.

      Scratchy Noises meet in Glasgow every Mon c7-9pm – venue is about to change. Next practice is 11th June at Berkely 2 Studios.

      Let me know if you want more info on either group.

      • ronnie muirhead Says:

        hi valerie
        i live in kirkintilloch north of glasgow and play mandolin and guitar.
        the glasgow group would be more convenient but what i really wanted was to get into a small group of good musicians preferrably in my neck of the woods. i like to play reels jigs and polka
        can u let me know the numbers and standard of the glasgow group.
        by the way its not easy to see you in the photo
        regards ronnie

      • Valerie Says:

        Hi Ronnie,

        We live in Muirhead ourselves so not far from you and happy to join up for some tunes sometime though probably not anywhere near the standard you are looking for.

        Looking for ‘good’ musicians then you are probably not looking for our Monday group – ‘Scratchy Noises’ – learners – typically 12-25 of us – though you are very welcome to join our slow to moderate pace. It is very much drop in over the summer so you can always give it a try if you wish and catch a chat with us.

        There is a monthly acoustic group in Kirkie – mainly guitars and mainly 60’s songs that we go along to and sometimes there is the odd mandolin or fiddle etc. I know you would also be very welcome there.

        Do you want to email me on and we can have a bit more of a chat re options?

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