Garnock Valley Traditional Music Group


I went along to the group on Wednesday and found it quite enjoyable.

The group were working on arranging a few tunes for a forthcoming concert.

One of the tunes was ‘The Old Rustic Bridge’ which I had never tried before but thought was a really good tune.  Obviously a popular dance/tune/song going by my google search.

There was a short fiddle lesson offered so I joined in with that which started with a scale in C.  Think I might park that for now and worry about it later if/when I come across a tune I like in C otherwise I won’t be using it.   My brain is struggling to remember the 5 keys I am  doing tunes in so far – once I have mastered the Hungarian tune Paul likes I will move on to my next key.  We then played Rose of Allendale in G a few times.

We rejoined the rest of the group and played some more tunes at a moderate speed including The Wild Rose of the Mountain, Calum’s Road, Leaving Lismore.   I was really pleased I managed to join in ALL of the tunes though ‘The Balkan Hill’s’ was a bit too fast for me to make a good job of – though in my defence I have never played it before and didn’t know how it was meant to go.

My dad started a set of mazurka’s at a reasonable speed – thanks Dad.

Thanks for having me GVTMG.



9 Responses to “Garnock Valley Traditional Music Group”

  1. Jimmy. Says:

    Sounds like a good night Valerie,

  2. Paul Says:

    If I listed every tune I disliked, there would be no space left on the blog!

    Big fan of mazurkas though. Listen to Michael’s Mazurka if you get a chance. Trying to learn it now and struggling with D minor bits.


    • Jimmy. Says:

      The mazurek is always found to have either a triplet, trill, dotted eighth note (quaver) pair, or an ordinary eighth note pair before two quarter notes (crotchets).
      Several classical composers have written mazurkas, with the best known being the 69 composed by Frédéric Chopin for solo piano

    • Valerie Says:

      Did someone ask for a list of tunes folk didn’t like?

      Good job there are so many tunes eh – plenty to like.

      • Paul Says:

        Sorry Valerie, it was the comment about the Hungarian tune which is now becoming another “favourite” of mine!

        Agreed, there are stacks of good tunes as well that we play. Problem I have is that I like too many tunes, print them off, play them twice then find another one.

      • Valerie Says:

        Yes I quite like the wee Hungarian tune. Must practice it!

        I’m reasonably ruthless with the tunes – if I don’t like one I put it aside unless I think it has a quirky bit that let’s me practice a new technique/note etc or someone has put it on the Scratchy regular list (Calumn’s Road…… :-()

  3. stevieneil Says:

    C’mon Calum!!

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