Practice Update 2nd April 2012


Big turnout last night.  

We tried some of the tunes we have been improving recently – and the new one. 

Was a bit amused when someone said my Em scale sounded better than someone else’s because unfortunately I was actually trying to play a tune…..oh well next time I can treat them to the scales…..

Hope you all got something out of the practice and look forward to hearing you all again soon.

A few of us went to the Islay Inn afterwards and as well as the very few tunes we knew I tried to scratch along with a few others. 


In the meantime take a look at the events page and let us know if you want to join us at any of these:



3 Responses to “Practice Update 2nd April 2012”

  1. Paul Says:

    Sorry I couldn’t make it to the Islay but I was too upset and greeting after the Hungarian tune…

    Great practice last night with both Kate Martin and Flanders sounding much, much stronger. Well done Rebecca!

    Finally, thanks to Jimmy for the run home. Felt rotten so pleased to get back early. I owe you!


    • Jiminy Riddle wi' the blue fiddle. Says:

      Auch! naw ye dinny!
      It was well worth the it for the tuition you gave me at the coffee break,
      Lots of wee tips for me to work on, THANK YOU Paul.

      And off course thanks to Valerie for making it all possible.
      I really enjoyed myself. 🙂

  2. Jimmy. Says:

    Small Song

    What are you thinking, little violin?
    What do your clear strings dream?
    “Brown rivers have gold depths. The sprightly
    softness in the current of the bow.”

    What are you singing, my little violin?
    Who are you calling now? “Truths
    the trees, my parents, taught me.
    The sky above your childhood home.”

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