Mad March Workshop Report


Yesterday we held a mixed instrument workshop at the Crowwood Hotel.

Workshop March 2012

Workshop March 2012 Picture by Ian MacLean

Nigel Gatherer did an excellent job of leading a range of different instruments and abilities in a few tunes that were new to most of us.  He included wee stories about the tunes and was really good at making sure everyone was included.  Sometimes we re-played a tune a bit more slowly to make sure everyone had a chance of getting it.  It was all very laid back and sociable.

I think the venue was very suitable with parking, plenty of space for all of us and our instruments, lunch tables laid out, and no interruptions from outside noise.

I do hope everyone got something out of the day and I look forward to playing the tunes with you again soon.


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6 Responses to “Mad March Workshop Report”

  1. Ian A MacLean Says:

    Really enjoyable day. Even I, as a non-musician, was able to learn something. Many thanks to Nigel for the tuition and many thanks to Valerie for the organising!

    Ian (Bodhran).

  2. Frances Mccall Says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed the whole day Valerie. The venue was excellent. Particularly enjoyed the choice of tunes. Learned a lot from Nigel’s tuition. Thanks to both of you for a great musical day!

  3. Paul Says:

    Looking forward to seeing a good few of you on Saturday. Been really busy, not least with trying to play the fiddle “properly” so not been able to make it to Mondays.


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