Kirkie Acoustic Night 6th March 2012


A laid back night at the Kirkie acoustic night.

I just got told a favourite theme is tunes from the 60’s so that explains why I don’t know many tho’ I am sure I spotted someone much younger in the room.

There was genuine disappointment when there was not enough time for the old favourites ‘Quinn the Eskimo’ and the one about an Octupus’s garden – oh well maybe next time.

Thanks guys for tolerating my twanging – some of it went with the tunes and some was just dead sounds – I blame the new strings – Davie said they were no use!




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One Response to “Kirkie Acoustic Night 6th March 2012”

  1. Jimmy. Says:

    Aye, The strings, that must be it Valerie.

    My Blue Violin

    Oh joy, for I am so happy, deep within….
    Now that I have my very own blue violin!

    A violin that will put other violins to shame
    A violin that could get me fortune and fame

    I’ll play it in the park
    I’ll play it in the dark

    I’ll play it for the birds in the trees
    I’ll play it for the buzzin’ bumble bees

    Every mornin’ when I wake
    My blue violin, in hand, I’ll take

    And greet the splendiferous day ahead
    With music, sweeter than jelly and bread

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