Scratchy Noises Practices


Hello All,

We have provisional bookings for Monday’s at Berekely 2 Studios when Stow College is shut:

2nd April

7th May

11, 18, 25 June

2,9,16,23, 20 July

Watch this blog to ensure each is on – subject to numbers but we have never had to cancel a practice yet due to limited availability.


7 Responses to “Scratchy Noises Practices”

  1. neilbeck Says:

    You’ve been busy this morning Valerie!

    No ,never limited availablilty. However, what about limited ability?
    thx godness

    Quite fancied that concert Last evening, but couln’t make it

    • Valerie Says:

      Hi Neil,

      Sometimes I think – just forget it – then other times I scratch out a wee tune that sounds ok and I think – yes this is fun.

      Concert was good as was rugby. We are just considering Girvan Folk Festival just now – attended a few workshops and gigs there last year was quite good – had to camp though!

  2. neilbeck Says:

    Hh just checked out their website, see a few well kempt faces on their workshop photo’s page.

  3. christine Clark Says:

    Thanks for this.Put my name down for 2 April & 7 May I need the practice!

  4. Frances McCall Says:

    Hope to be there!

  5. Maureen Stark Says:

    Count me in Valerie.
    I will be able to make most, if not all, of these dates. Maureen.

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