Practice Update 20th February


Good fun practice tonight.  Well it was a good laugh  – not so sure about quality of the music – not from my bow anyway!

On the positive side we kept together for most of the tunes and we figured out that the intros were to different tunes.

I am sure Rebecca will just love what we have done to Kate Martin’s Waltz.

See you all next week!



6 Responses to “Practice Update 20th February”

  1. Jimmy. Says:

    Alas, I had to push the grindstone tonight.
    Sorry to miss it,
    Here maybe that’s why you all managed to keep together??

  2. Allan Says:

    Thanks Valerie for a fun time last night. Last time I sit beside Craig. He’s given me wrongintroentitis!!

  3. Alison Says:

    It certainly is contagious – my fiddle and I were out of sorts and when I found my tuner to be broken it wasn’t a good start. I was all over the place – hope I didn’t put too many fellow scratchers off… but at least we had a good laugh which is what it’s all about.

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