Kirkie Delta Acoustic Night 7th February


Went along to the monthly music night in Kirkie.  Maly, Frances and Davie were all there.

The usual 20 or so guitars, a couple of mandolin player and me and Maly with our violins.

The strum along was good.  I was particularly out of practice but nobody admitted to hearing me.  My fingers hurt a wee bit now (getting the excuse in for the bad violin playing tomorrow).  Since I have been practicing F I focussed on that.  I know what you are thinking – but I think attending the event in December and twanging a few F’s counts.

The you’ve been volunteered to play Colgrave sound as a duet left me feeling a bit exposed but I am sure Maly’s version carried me and I think the strummers genuinely enjoyed trying out accompanying us.

My favourite tune of the night was Steal Away so I might practice that – maybe once a month at Kirkie 😉

Maly did you notice they tried to give us homework to learn a couple of tunes they knew the chords to?  What do you think – when are we going to fit that in?

The session is next on on 6th March c8-1030pm KIrkintilloch Rangers Club.


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5 Responses to “Kirkie Delta Acoustic Night 7th February”

  1. Jimmy. Says:

    Sounds good Valerie,
    Wait till I tell you, the violin guy on Wednesday had a look at my Beautiful Blue instrument, and said the bridge is split,
    would be £20 to replace,which is fair,
    Anyhow, He had an X-ray appointment today so I went to the Violin shop in Blackie street,
    Aye no problem says he, I’ll have a look at it and change the strings they’re not very good ( £18 for strings said he) come back in a couple of hours, which I did.
    A lovely job new bridge fitted just right ( I had one just exact same lying in the shop said he ) New strings, Wunderba !
    Feels great now and plays so much better,
    How much says I, and do you take cash?
    Aye says he £20 quid!!! OH! HAPPY DAY.

  2. Jimmy. Says:

    Oh Aye! and I fancy a mandolin, after having a wee shot of Paul’s. 🙂

    • Paul Says:

      Jimmy, might be able to give you a loan of a mandolin if you fancy trying one out. I’ve a spare one I bought a few years ago when I started.

      No point in spending money until you’re sure you’ll actually enjoy playing!

      Let me know.


  3. Jimmy. Says:

    Very generous of you Paul, That would be great.
    I’ll be at Berkely on Monday night.
    I have enquired at the violin shop and they had one for £90,
    A nice second hand German one,
    But just as you say, I felt it better to concentrate onl my Violin playing was more fluid before investing further.:-)

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