Pub session tunebooks



Just wanted to say if you want a copy of the tunebooks myself and Paul put together which may be useful for no pub sessions in particular just drop me a note at and I’ll email you a copy. These are just for personal use mind. Not distribution.

If you got an early version of the book can you pls score out IS** I** TUNEBOOK  and replace with BIG PUB TUNEBOOK pls to keep everyone at least at a  modicum of happiness. Thx u

There as not chords for every tune in the book yet either, this is just the first version. So it may not be suitable at the moment for all instuments. Appolgies.

It is hoped also a more printer friendly version of each tunebook will be available soon.

Just one small thing, myself  and Paul were thinking that if you get the books and only if you find them useful, you maybe could make a smallcontribution  of £1 to the same charities as the ‘scrathy cd’. But that will be a personal decision, you can have the book for free.




3 Responses to “Pub session tunebooks”

  1. Allan Says:

    Well done to you and Paul for putting this compilation together. It must have taken a lot of man hours. Sorry about not being able to give you tune titles during last night’s session. My tiny brain can only do one thing at a time.

  2. neilbeck Says:

    Whats a man hour? Is that 60 mins? If its work done in an hour in your place of work, about 5 mins in my case.

    Your weren’t too bad Alan, I was firing questions at you, apologies if i put you off and anyways all men can only do one thing at a time.


  3. neilbeck Says:

    “Sometimes I sits and thinks, othertimes I just sits”

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