Monday Night Practices


Hello Everyone,

Another good couple of hours of practice last night.    I’d recommend Berkeley for anyone looking for a venue for a group practice or workshop.

From Mon 30th January our practice venue returns to Stow College.  The dates are the Mondays listed on the GFW site:

Please note we may need to wait and start a bit later than our usual 7.30pm on Monday 30th January as there is often some administration on the first night of term whilst classes are sorted out.

The cost is £3 per night.

Note for people who are not members of GFW attending tutored classes there will be a small  additional membership charge which people would be expected to have paid after the first week or two.  For this folk get to join in the friendly community and attend slow sessions, hear about events and more.

We will also be organising some other events and practices at other venues so please watch this blog and the events page for forthcoming dates that may be of interest.

Finally – if anyone is interested in a ceilidh I have two spare (free of cost) tickets for the event:

Drop me an email if you want these.  To give folk a chance I will wait a few days and if there are several interested parties put the names in a hat. 

Any other questions or suggestions please let me know.


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