Ian Bruce – Guitar/Vocals


Went to a wee concert yesterday. 

Poor bloke said he was nervous – and yes he was right if there was a bar we might have sung along a bit more.

Anyway I enjoyed it particularly his version of Ca The Yowes.  I thought the guitar playing was excellent (not that I am an expert but I liked it – not just strumming along but rising and falling nicely with the songs)

There was of course the Lea Rig – played at an even speed throughout – maybe we will master that someday!

If you are interested the artists website is http://www.ianbruce.org

I hope his cold is getting better.








5 Responses to “Ian Bruce – Guitar/Vocals”

  1. Paul Says:

    Ian Bruce,my goodness is he still going?

    First saw him over 20 years ago in Johnny Scobies bar in the east end and I may still have is Hawks and Eagles lp (vinyl) kicking about.

    Hope you enjoyed it.

  2. Stevie Says:

    Yes he’s still going, I’ve seen him a few times and I think he’s matured with age. But Ian Bruce nervous? Hmmmm! He does some good stuff with Burns tunes on his Rhythm and Burns CD (or whatever) and you’re right Valerie, he plays some cracking guitar.

    • Valerie Says:

      So he said – tried to tell us playing to the intellectuals was scary – hmmmm he has been misled….also we didnae join in much…aforementioned lack of drink 😉

      • Paul Says:

        He played then with Ian Walker and yes, he was professional with good banter.

        Johnny Scobies is long gone -now some Celtic pub and sorely missed.

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