What we did today


Had a good day out today.

First those of us who are doing the Burns Night had a practice session with Nigel Gatherer giving us useful ideas to improve our as yet unpolished versions of some Burns tunes we have been trying to learn.  Well worth the time.   I was making some terrible noises but it always takes me a while to warm up and we have a few more practices before we play the tunes to the public.

Then Allan, Davie and I went to Babbity Bowster’s and were again made very welcome and managed to play quite a few tunes including Spootiskerry and Willafjord (very fast – faster than the Islay), What they called the Scratchy Noises set – Rocking the Baby/Scarce o Tatties/Stool of Repentance, Britches Fu O Stitches, and some others that I can’t remember now.  Da Slockit Light was there but I could only recall part of it…..oh and the Sailor’s Wife.

Allan went off to a concert and we are now going to eat the pizzas.

Maybe see a few of you at Curlers tomorrow for the GFW very slow session.  We’d recommend it.  See  http://www.glasgowfiddle.org.uk/vslowsesh.html




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3 Responses to “What we did today”

  1. Paul Says:

    Good wee session down at Babbity’s and thanks to Allan for the loan of his fiddle so I could play badly on a couple of tunes. If I didn’t realise he was a pensioner…I do now!

  2. Allan Says:

    Loan ? Who mentioned loan? 3 tunes at £5 per tune = £20. I’m a pensioner ye know!!

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