Time to Reminisce


Well it’s the time of year for us all to reminisce. So to help things along we thought we would look out some video footage from last year.

Here is some chopped together footage from our workshop at Greenbank House, with some Scratchy Noises tracks as the soundtrack.  Most of it is from our recent album (Shameless Plug 1).  There is a bit in the middle with our tutor Rebecca Brown (Shamless Plug 2) where we are having a go at a new tune and hence the sounds we are making are not so good (oh dear me…..)

It was a great day.


4 Responses to “Time to Reminisce”

  1. Alison Says:

    It’s brilliant, love it! The House looks great and the playing isn’t too bad either if you ignore the bit in the middle. Here’s to happy scratching in 2012!

  2. Paul Says:

    Somewhere, Nicola Benedetti is crying…

    That was a great day and hope for more to come in 2012!


  3. neil Says:

    Great video Dave, although I think you should have dubbed over all the sound, particularly liked the knitted sandwiches.

    Nice bit of editing!

    Wee question. Do you have the Cleveden High School video as well?


  4. davidjstrachan Says:

    Neil, I will look out the Cleveden High school vid at some point soon I promise. And now I have put it in print you can hold me to it !

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