Competitor Bands?


Hello Folks,

We played a few noises with our friend in Islay over the last few days.

The first band we called GUF (F)(Guitar, Ukelele, Fiddle/s) and the next GUFAWS (Guitar, Ukelele, Fiddle and a Whistle Sometimes), and then we had UGG (Ukelele, Guitar, Guitar).

I am proud to report we were seriously bad.   As well as some of our old favourites we tried some songs by Tom Lewis and also did Dirty Old Town.

Davie and I have just finished practicing some Burns tunes. We think the ones we did are passable but maybe you will disagree when you hear them.  We tried varying the ‘arrangement’  using short solos with varying success.

Hope everyone is well and having fun.




3 Responses to “Competitor Bands?”

  1. Paul Says:

    Happy new year!

    Alan and I went to the Islay Inn last night for the session. It was a quiet affair with around a dozen players which meant our mistakes, of which there were many, were all too noticeable!

    All good fun though and I don’t think anyone really minded too much. However I think Duncan Chisholm would have winced at my playing of Leaving Stoer!

    See you soon


    • Valerie Says:

      Happy New Year Paul.

      Thought about coming in to the Islay on our way home but could hardly keep my eyes open.

      Maybe see you next Mon at Scratchy practice or at Islay after.

  2. davidjstrachan Says:

    GUF – We were bad , very Bad, definitely – GUF infact. I may add a link to the video which proves it, if I can find a free space online (I do hate paying for things)



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