Workshop Report 26th November


Another great rainy day productively used for music practice in good company.

Happy Birthday ?

Scratchy Noises Workshop 26-11-2011

We spent some time on Willafjord  and I think most folk got the shape of this tune.  We then tried out Flowers Of Edinburgh before a tutored session in the afternoon.

Thanks to Nigel Gatherer for the excellent guidance, to everyone for listening , being such good fun, and being supportive to others. Thanks to Peter for the excellent lunch, and to Laurie’s Bar for having us.

Photo of some scratchy noises members at a workshop in Laurie's Bar Glasgow

Larking about at the Back - Typical !

The feedback was excellent overall.  Including ‘Looking forward to the next one!’ ‘Are we having another soon?’

All comments will be taken into account when planning future events.


A few of us were so inspired after the workshop that we decided to go to Babbity Bowster’s for the session, as we were invited to join them on a previous excursion. They were incredibly welcoming and made us feel at home and encouraged us to play a few tunes which they joined in with. We all had a great time  – many thanks to all the Girls and Guys at Babitty’s.


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7 Responses to “Workshop Report 26th November”

  1. Paul Says:

    Great day Valerie, thank you for organising it and also thanks to Nigel for keeping the tone at just the right level.

    Babbity’s was great too. Yes, we have a long way to go but it was definitely one of the most friendly and welcoming groups I’ve attended and they were really encouraging.

    Can’t wait for the next one.

  2. neilbeckneil Says:

    Thx Valerie, Thx Nigel

    Fun day!


  3. Allan Says:

    Ta Valerie , Nigel and Hairy Monster. Happy birthday , Valerie. Have a nice day.

    • Valerie Says:

      Cheers Allan,

      Very good day so far. Got my new five finger (monkey feet!) shoes on, been and put the Scratchy CD’s in Creation Studios. Looking up some chords just now and looking forward to a big curry and then watching Sooty at 7pm.

  4. Allan Says:

    Whit!! Fingers on yer feet? Watching sooty? Is that the sweep sooty? I dinnae unnerstaun. I’m too old fur this!! Whatever rocks yer cradle.

  5. Stevie Says:

    Great day with good folk, fun and fiddling. Re the picture – Jim made me do it!!

  6. Maureen Stark Says:

    Fantastic day, brilliant tutor! Great company. Can’t wait until the next work-shop/practice event.

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