Greenbank House Fair 20th November

Greenbank House November 2011

Greenbank House November 2011

Exhausted but happy after playing all day at Greenbank House.

Most of the tunes sounded quite good and we managed to do quite a few at a jaunty speed.

We all got a bit tired near the end and there were some difficulties with counting so we went back to 2 as a safe number of times to play tunes!

We crammed 10 of us into the wee balcony that apparently used to be the toilet – figures.

Thanks for the cakes and sandwiches Alison.


11 Responses to “Greenbank House Fair 20th November”

  1. neilbeck Says:

    Great day! (even after getting 10% of my fee docked),
    Thx Alison.

  2. Stevie Says:

    Great day indeed, good tunes with some fine intros and endings and good chat and banter at the breaks. I overheard a couple of the ‘staff’ commenting on how much they enjoyed the music and how it made the day. Thanks to Alison for the use of her toilet; spooky that I got 110% of my fee though.

  3. Allan Says:

    Fab day !! Many thanks to Auntie Alison for all the goodies. Double spooky … I got 110% as well. Neil was a very naughty boy.

  4. Valerie Says:

    What did Neil do then? Poor boy.

  5. Allan Says:

    Neil turned up late and then nicked moothieman’s 2 quid. Naughty boy!!

  6. Stevie Says:

    I suppose the 2 quid was to make up for the 10% he was getting docked. Good show from moothieman too, he paid us 2 quid just to get playing with us!! Best 2 quid he ever spent and easiest 2 quid Neil ever made (although I don’t believe Allan but it makes a good story!)

  7. Valerie Says:

    Why was he getting docked 10%?

    Forgot about the moothie man – good fun eh!

  8. Alison Says:

    Great feedback from all who heard us – good jaunty, cheery music.
    Sorry for cramming you all in, although I think it may have helped our playing…. Thanks for coming along and making the day so enjoyable especially for the visitors.

  9. Stevie Says:

    Pleased to assist with Greenbank’s Christmas Fair but also for me it was cracking fun playing with the Scratchers, being jammed in made it better. Roll on the next gig.

  10. Ian A MacLean Says:

    Must ensure contract states playing “at,” your convenience and not “in,” next time.
    Great fun, great banter and great company.

  11. Frances McCall Says:

    Enjoyed the day Allison and just received a phone call from my friends who came along too. They loved it all!!!! The house and the music!!!

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