Islay Sessions Concert Review


Great concert last night at Bruichladdich Hall.

Eilidh Shaw and Ross Martin opened with a range of material including their version of the West Coaster.

I liked the story about A Bottle for Brig where the islanders of Eigg carry a bench from one side of a loch to the other in memory of a friend.  There is a tradition of taking a bottle of whisky with you and leaving it under the bench so there is always a dram available.

They finished up with some Elvis songs – Are You Lonesome Tonight and I can’t help falling in love with you.

Darren Maclean gave us some lovely gaelic songs and puirt a beul and yes, they were mainly miserable songs set to cheery tunes.  Liked the one that was something about wishing it was a nice day on dry land.  We all got to sing along to ‘S Ann An Ile. Some of us with better pronunciation than others.

The Maverick Angels did a jaunty wee set and Lori Watson did a lovely song using the words to Maggie by James Hogg set to a different tune.

Anarkali gave us some really fun tunes.  I particularly liked the set about Fiona’s arrival.

Karina Smillie sang a catchy song about apples and pears and loving a bloke with brown hair.

A very good night.  Hope everyone enjoyed the ceilidh afterwards.



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