New Tunes


Good practice last night – also was told our Mason’s  Apron sounded good – despite us just learning it….

Here’s a message from Neil: 

Hi everyone, there was a large diversity in the voting, highlighting the large diversity of tastes in scratchy. Because of the way the voting went, I have decided to include 6 songs and not 5 for our new ‘homework’ schedule. ‘ Waltz for little girls’ is sort of on our list anyway.
There is no rush and defn no pressure to learn these, we will do our best and see how it goes.
Plan is to have a go at Willafjord first next week and I’ll see about getting some copies of the music ready/

5 Responses to “New Tunes”

  1. Valerie Says:

    Hi Neil,

    Removed tune list – needs formatted for blog and I haven’t time to do it but if you want to list the tunes that are the top 5 or 6 that would be good.

    Waltz of the Little Girls I don’t think is on our list – most scratchers don’t know it – so can we add it back onto the list?

  2. Iain Andrew Says:

    Hi, I know the tunes have pretty much been decided on but I found a nice version of MacPherson’s Rant/Lament/Farewell.

    Thought you might all like. Will keep an eye for other versions of tunes on youtube.

  3. Iain Andrew Says:

    A bit of history
    pipe march “The Bloody Fields of Flanders” composed by John(McLellan DCM (Dunoon)

    He server in the Great War and presumably wrote this tune to commemorate the battle in Flanders:

    “Flanders (and Belgium as a whole) saw some of the greatest loss of life on the Western Front of the First World War, in particular from the three battles of Ypres. Due to the hundreds of thousands of casualties at Ypres, the poppies that sprang up from the battlefield afterwards, later immortalised in the Canadian poem “In Flanders Fields”, written by John McCrae, have become a symbol for lives lost in war.” (wikipedia)

    “The song was written in 1960, to an adaptation of the First World War pipe march “The Bloody Fields of Flanders” composed by John McLellan DCM (Dunoon), which Henderson first heard played on the Anzio beachhead [Italy WW2]”(wikipedia)

    and finally a posted a great song version of Freedom Come-All-Ye

    (I should probably find a place to blog this somewhere, but for those who might be interested)

  4. Iain Andrew Says:

    opps speeling mistake I meant to say ‘he served* in the Great War’.

  5. Allan Says:

    U been drinking again , chieftain ?

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