New Tunes


Hi All,

Here is a message from Neil with a summary of new tunes suggested so far.  We can discuss on Monday and decide which to learn first as a group. Maybe based on ones least folk already know/a vote.

Alright folks we have had a number of tunes suggested so  far and some nice ones amongst them:-
Neil Frances Whisky in the  Jar
Frances Steal Away     
Frances Raglan Road
Frances Dirty Old Town
Frances Hush Hush (Smile in your     sleep)
Frances Massacre of Glencoe
Neil The Wild Rover
Neil The connaught mans ramble
Neil Cooleys reel
Valerie Dingle Regatta
Valerie Silent night
Valerie Catharsis
Paul Maggie West’s Waltz
Paul Midnight on the Water
Paul The Skye Diving Waltz
Paul Leaving Stoer
Paul The Rose of St Magnus
Allan John Ryans Polka
Allan Over The Waterfall
Allan Staten Island Hornpipe
Allan Ashokan Farewell
Mitchell Mrs McLeod of Raasay
Mitchell Willafjord
We are looking for a few more suggestions before we decide  what we are going to play, if you don’t want to be stuck with others suggestions, then you still have time to forward the tunes you would like  to play, if they don’t yet appear in the list.
Have a listen on uTube ,if you have time, to see what they  are like as we will be voting on which to keep, although the others may still  provide a good starting point for the future.
You do not need to know the tune (I only know one of  mine!), just a willingness to learn. Any tunes you fancy will do.

5 Responses to “New Tunes”

  1. Douglas Says:

    sound good….
    how about ……..

    we’re no awa tae bide away and /or
    the sound of sleat


  2. Iain Andrew Says:

    MacPherson’s Rant

  3. Iain Andrew Says:

    Rob Roy reels. (dont know about finding the music for those though)

  4. Lesley Says:

    Some other suggestions,

    Harvest Home, Boys from Blue hill – Popular session tunes

  5. Stevie Says:

    Leaving Stoer is a nice tune, good pick Paul. Willafjord is a good session tune that goes well with Spootiskerry for a wee set. Waltz for Little Girls is another nice one.

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