Practice Update 24th October 2011


Great practice tonight folks.  Hope you all enjoyed it.

Remember to email me with availability for recording – 5th, 6th, 19th, or 26th November if you want to be involved in this slightly tongue in cheek event. Please confirm all possible dates so we can try to fix a date that suits the majority of folk who want to be involved.

We are also plotting a sessions for the accompaniement players – with melody players welcome as we need a melody to accompany!

And we are also planning to identify some new tunes to learn as a group – Neil is going to compile a list then we can pick from it and try this out.  We plan to prepare so that music/finger positions/chords/sound recording and or someone who is reasonably confident at the tune playing it are available for us to use as learning aids.  Any suggestions to please use the comments below or bring them to next weeks practice.


6 Responses to “Practice Update 24th October 2011”

  1. Neil Says:


    Defn thought practice was good tonight with the 3 new tunes included, especially ‘Masons Apron’. Best tune ive heard in a while.

    As regards the tunes that we may add to out repoirtre, i’m going to be first to throw a few into the hat:

    * Whiskey in the Jar
    *The Wild Rover
    *The connaught mans ramble
    *Cooleys reel

    If you really like any songs and would like to have a go at learning them, you can post them here for general discussion. The more the merrier at this stage. Once we get a number together we will discuss which ones we are going to play when we next meet and get the music etc organised.

    If you want to also email any suggestions for songs you can contact me on


  2. Valerie Says:

    Hi Neil,

    These sound good.

    I think there is a tune about Dingle Regatta where folk stand up and generally caper about – that sounds fun.

    How about a christmassy song if we have time before xmas? Silent Night? (Too cheesy?)

  3. Frances McCall Says:

    Yes it was a good night Valerie. Everyone was so relaxed!!

  4. Paul Says:

    Hi there

    I can make the 5th, 6th and the 26th November if there is a recording session somewhere in Glasgow.

    As for tunes, I can rarely make it to practice but I’m a big fan of playing something a little slower but which still has a nice flowing tune

    How about tunes like:

    Maggie West’s Waltz
    Midnight on the Water
    The Skye Diving Waltz
    Leaving Stoer
    The Rose of St Magnus



  5. neil Says:

    Couiple of nice ones there Paul, particularly Maggie West & Leaving Stoer.
    thats mine Pauls & Frances songs in, If you can try and get yours in by friday, if possible pls and I will post the final list to vote on over the w/end.


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