Fiddle Tuition Wed 19th October


Hi Folks,


Here is the plan:

Practice is at Mary and Malcolm’s House in Wilton Street.  If you don’t know the details please email me or text 07787972514 as I don’t want to put their full address on the web.

Practice from 7pm.  Tea about 7.35 then a mystery tutor is coming at 8pm to teach us a tune.  I will arrange some copies of music for those that want it.

We are aiming for about intermediate 1 level equivalent of GFW but can go a wee bit slower if folk wish.

Who’s signed up? Alison,Allan, Iain, Valerie, Anne, Roger, Hugh L, Carol, Natalie, Carrie, Christine, Mary, and Malcolm.

Cost will be about £6 each.


12 Responses to “Fiddle Tuition Wed 19th October”

  1. Allan Says:

    Ooh! A mystery tutor! Ooh! I thought aly Bain was on tour??

  2. Stevie Says:

    Perhaps it’s a guitar player coming to teach you how to play properly??

  3. Stevie Says:

    Looking at the timing of our posts we must be septic!

    • Valerie Says:

      We have finished the wine. We are perched here with our laptops. I am doing folk music stuff. Davie is using a program to write up sh*t music and chords, my brother is snoring in a chair, zorro on one telly, not sure what is on the other. Hope my dad has done his viola homework for tomorrow or there will be trouble….

  4. Stevie Says:

    What key is your brother snoring in?

  5. Valerie Says:

    Might be D. What in your opinion is the best key for snoring and I will ask him to try that?

  6. Stevie Says:

    Be flat out?


    oops sorry it’s fully booked and have missed another night at Mary and Malcolm’s flat. Hopefully Iain’s still on tomorrow night. (Trying to ignore all the awful jokes of Stevie’s ha ha!)

    • Valerie Says:

      Yes there is room at Iain’s. Might be able to squeeze u in wed – that would be 12 so think absolute capacity. Catch a chat about it tomorro night.

  8. Stevie Says:

    You can run Chrisitine but you can’t hide. My jokes are better than my music…..

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