How did our rehearsal go tonight?


Well we made some of the tunes sound better than they have done…..and a few were a bit ropey.  We tried to tidy up the worst bits and decided not to bin any of the tunes for Sunday’s gig.

I thought Hopeful Lover, Colgrave Sound, Stronsay Wedding, the jig set, and Spootiskerry sounded fine.

LochLomond, Barnyards/Little Diamond set and Angus McLeod sounded so much better after we amended the pace – Barnyards set was originally too fast and the others too  slow.

Thanks all for sharing ideas and intros to help us take another few steps along the road of music playing.

I’ve updated the plan for Sunday and HERE IT IS  –  CLICK ON THE FOLLOWING LINK TO GET A COPY scratchy-gig-oct-2011

Be at Erskine at 1.30 ish ready for 2pm start.  We will have a quick chat before we  begin once we know how long they want us to play for (maybe that depends on what they hear in the first part…..)

Any questions please comment below or email me


7 Responses to “How did our rehearsal go tonight?”

  1. Stevie Says:

    I thought it went well tonight as a focused practice for a specific event, I’m sure we’ll see the benefit on Sunday. I was pleased that everyone chipped in and listened to others views too; it can be done!! Good music practice too. We should remember on Sunday that we’re supposed to enjoy it too!

  2. Douglas Says:


  3. Paul Says:

    Hi there

    May be struggling for tomorrow. Had no time to practice and have stuff to do for brother’s wedding next week.


    • Valerie Says:

      No problems Paul. There are plenty of us so one down won’t be an issue. If you were leaving me to do a solo that might be a worry for me! Anyway we need the practice for your brother’s wedding. 😉

  4. Paul Says:

    Thanks Valerie. My brother is not sure whether to book Scratchy Noises or Andre Rieu but I’ll get back to you.

    Have a good one everybody


  5. Stevie Says:

    Andre Rieu? Is that the Michelin 2* French restaurateur? Good call.

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