Workshop a Great Success Today


Thanks again to Nigel for coming along and getting a bunch of folk with different instruments and levels of experience to play together.

Thanks to all participants for coming along and working politely with everyone else.

What a great way to spend a wet day.

We polished up Loch Lomond, Colgrave Sound and the Rope Waltz and even made up a new tune – The Disaster Reel!

If you are brave enough to listen to the version of the Rope Waltz we did on the day click here

We had over 30 folk at the event and there was a lovely relaxed atmosphere while Nigel made the learning fun.

Feedback was overwhelmingly good with almost everyone  saying they had fun and that the pace of teaching was about right.  Comments included ‘The Enthusiasm is Infectious’,  and ‘Totally Inspired’

A large % of attendees are interested in a similar workshop,  workshops putting together sets, and more regular mixed instrument sessions and workshops led by a tutor  so watch this space and we will try to organise something else soon.


5 Responses to “Workshop a Great Success Today”

  1. Allan Says:

    Once again, well done Valerie for another fab day and to Nigel for his knowledgeable tuition.

  2. Frances McCall Says:

    Great day Valerie!!!! Really enjoyed the tuition, playing and the company and couple of glasses of wine.! Thanks for all the organisation.

  3. Douglas Says:

    came along to my first scratchy noises session with a couple of friends
    we had a terrific time well managed by the usual enthusiastic Nigel
    a great bunch of friendly people all clearly enjoying themselves
    congratulations Valerie and a big thank you
    i,ll be back!
    best wishes

  4. Peter Beaven Says:

    I hear that the Scratchys are too afraid to do workshops in the east of Scotland….
    Is it because they are afraid that Maggie Thatcher will not get a good reception?

    • Valerie Says:

      Hi Peter,

      I’m sure Maggie is loved equally, or more so, in the East. Lucky folk of the east seem to have more events to choose from too.

      While you are there we were talking about learning to weave. Is there a website/phone no where I can find out more? If so can you email me?

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