Practice Update 29th August



 Thanks to all who came along last night.  I had a good time and enjoyed doing some of the tunes slowly so I could get a better grasp of the tune.

For those who couldn’t make it we did Arran Boat Song, Rowan Tree, Da Slockit Light, Barnyards o Dalgetty, Spootiskerry and High Road to Linton, Glenside No.1, Colgrave Sound, Bloody Fields of Flanders, Lisnagun, Little Diamond, Kate Martin’s Waltz and Calum’s Road.

Timing a bit wobbly at times but this was our first get together as a group for a while so keep listening to the intro/each other and we will get better at staying together at the time that is set.

Remember to look at the events page and sign up if you want to play at the Erskine Hospital on 16th October.





10 Responses to “Practice Update 29th August”

  1. Paul Says:

    Put me down for the Erskine gig. The lure of a XXXXXX is just too strong…

  2. Paul Says:

    Wonder if others will guess what the blanked out word/words are??

  3. Stevie Says:


  4. NB Says:


  5. NB Says:

    Count me in for Erskine on any of the dates

  6. Paul Says:

    Good to see the spirit of fun is alive and well

  7. Ian A MacLean Says:

    Sorry I missed you this week. Hope to meet you all on 12th (provided you don’t mind a tone deaf Bordhan player with nae sense of rhythm!).

  8. Ian A MacLean Says:

    Who also can’t spell!

  9. Valerie Says:

    Hi Ian,

    We will look forward to seeing you. I have never heard a Bordhan before. Take a look at the events page too – you are welcome to join us at any of these.

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