Concert at Greenbank House Giffnock Sat 27th August


Hi All,

Next gig is at Greenbank House this Saturday.  There is an open day for the Samaritans and we will play some tunes between 12 and 4.

We will be there about 1100 with the tent  but probably won’t put it up – we have sorted out some options so can pick the best shelter when we get there so there is no rush for folk to be there at 1100 – just turn up by 1200 if you can or join us later.

The following have registered interest:

Carrie, Valerie, David, Alison, Allan, Stevie, Christine, Archie, Carol, Craig

As this is a more ‘formal’ setting we will try to stick to tunes and versions we know.  See draft gig list here scratchy-gig-august-2011   – please comment if you have suggestions for more additions.

There is a cafe at Greenbank House which sells snacks/coffees etc.

Any questions please ask.


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6 Responses to “Concert at Greenbank House Giffnock Sat 27th August”

  1. Carol Armour Says:

    Hopefully see y’all at Greenbank House on the 27th August. Carol.

  2. craigmac56g Says:

    Hi finally in from the cold! Will be along on sat could bring a gazebo if required.


    • Valerie Says:

      Cheers Craig. Will be good to have you along. Tune list on latest post if u don’t have it yet. Won’t need to bring your gazebo thanks we have sorted out a few options.

      Did you see advert for event on 8th Oct? Let us know if you fancy it.

  3. Maureen Stark Says:

    Hi all,
    Back from holiday last week – been playing catch-up ever since! Will not be able to manage this Saturday – other commitments.
    Anyway, can anyone advice me about joining GFW? I missed both enrollment dates and I’m beginning to get withdrawal symptoms! M.

  4. Paul Says:

    Good luck today and I’ll see you all on Wednesday.


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