Practice Update 4th July 2011


Time went in fast last night.  Here’s what we tried:

Glenside, Hopeful Lover, Arran Boat, Spootiskerry, Margaret’s Waltz, Bloody Fields of Flanders, Egans/Britches, Barnyards o Dalgetty, Little Diamond, Bonnie Lass of Fyvie/Loch Lomond/Mairi’s Wedding, Rocking the Baby, Leaving Lismore, Stool of Repentance, Kate Martin’s, Soldiers Joy, Barrowburn Reel, Road to Dundee, Colgrave Sound, Scarce O Tatties, Fear a Phige/Oovie Avie, Lisnagun, The Rakes of Mallow, Louis Waltz, Da Slockit Light (sounded a lot better I thought), Skye Boat Song, Hector the Hero, Traditional Gaelic Air, Angus Macleod, High Road to Linton

Some of us went to the Islay Inn after – joined in a few tunes but mainly too fast and furious.


One Response to “Practice Update 4th July 2011”

  1. Paul Says:

    Great practice. Thanks again for organising these. Think I speak for everyone that we all appreciate your efforts.


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