Next Practice Dates


Hi All,

Comment using the comment button below if you want to come to one of the following:

6th July – Iain’s – Chancellor Street – what n0. and time Iain?   – Who’s coming?  – Iain, Allan, David, Valerie, Mitchell

11th July Carlton  c6-9pm – Paul, Craig, Allan, Valerie, David, Neil, Mitchell, Stevie, Carol, Maureen, Christine

Note there will be no practice Mon 18th July as it is Glasgow Fair hol.

Iain has offered practices most wed till GFW resumes at G/2 80 Chancellor St.  about 6ish -9 ish.  Please discuss via blog comments if you want to go each week so Iain can see how many folk are expected as there is not as much room as Carlton

See events for slow session daytime 23rd July – please comment  on events page if you are up for it so we can estimate numbers.

Also please comment on events re possible slot at the Balloch Folk Festival.  Finlay wondering if some of you up for doing some tunes to advertise GFW.  It is on 31st July PM so Davie, Stevie and I can’t go as we already booked to go to  Nigel Gatherer’s event.

Finally for info Men’s Health Forum linked to us from facebook:


8 Responses to “Next Practice Dates”

  1. Paul Says:

    Count me in for the 11th. Might be struggling for other dates as I have family staying with me then. Let me see what I can do.


  2. Iain Andrew Says:

    Same times as Carlton Studios 6pm-9pm.

  3. craig Says:

    ok for carlton on 11th. cant make tonight

  4. alanstor Says:

    I’ll be there on the 11th. cheers

  5. neil Says:

    11th @ Carlon good for me

  6. Maly Bain Says:

    Count me in for both the 6th and 11th July.

  7. Stevie Says:

    Stevie says yes for Carlton on 11th

  8. Carol Armour Says:

    Hope to be at Carlton on 11th July. Carol

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