Practice Update Monday 27th June 2011


A really good fun session tonight with the tunes hanging together well.

We started off with the tunes we didn’t play on Wed 22nd (see earlier blog post) with the exception of the Reel of Tullochgorm which we still need to share the same version of music for.

We also need to try Killiekrankie sometime (once I’ve written finger positions on a few copies)

After our rusty numbers we tackled the old favourites:

Scarce O Tatties, Margaret’s Waltz, The Arran Boat Song, Rowan Treee, Calum’s Road, Stronsay Wedding, Barrowburn Reel, Barnyards O Dalgetty, Colgrave Sound, Da Slockit Lightt, High Road to Linton in both A and D, Hector the Hero, Fear a  Phige/Oovie Avie, Stool of Repentance, Spootiskerry, Glenside No.1, Britches/Egans, The Lea Rig, Leaving Lismore.

The sup committee went off in search of venues afterwards.  We have more research to do but will continue with this onnerous task.


2 Responses to “Practice Update Monday 27th June 2011”

  1. Paul Says:

    How was Lauries Bar as a venue?

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