Practice Update 13th June


Fab practice session tonight.  Definetly thought some of the tunes had progressed.  We had lots of fiddles, guitars, mandolin, and even a bazouki and a whistle.

We covered Glenside, Egan Polka, For the Young, Colgrave Sound, Fear a Phige and Oovie Avie, Scare O Tatties, Spootiskerry, Margaret’s Waltz, High Road to Linton in A and D (D needs more practice), Lea Rig, Calum’s Road, Leaving Lismore, Da Slockit Light, Loch Lomond, The Arran Boat Song, Hector the Hero (getting better but still needs some work), The Barrowburn Reel, Bloody Fields of Flanders, Louis Waltz (first time we have practiced this so need a bit more work but we will get there), Stool of Repentance, Stronsay Wedding, Hopeful Lover, Barnyards of Dalgety.


One Response to “Practice Update 13th June”

  1. Stevie Says:

    I agree, it was a good session tonight in practice mode. Lots of good tunes covered and all coming on a treat. Are you sure it was a whistle and not a fiddle expertly played like a whistle? Fooled me!

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