Fiddle Tuition Wed 15th June


Want to practice some tunes/sets from Finlay/Gillian’s classes with tuition from Gillian looking for bits we need advice on and practicing good endings to the tunes?

7-9pm at Room 2 (smaller room than usual so can’t take more than 14),  Carlton Studios, City Centre (we have the room from 6pm so usually arrive c 6.15 and practice a few tunes)

Who’s coming: Alison, Allan, Christine, Caroline, Craig, Iain, Valerie, Maureen, Helena, Neil, Mitchell

SESSION FULL SORRY – If you wanted to come but missed out do let us know so we can plan accordingly for future events.

Comment below using the comment button or email:

More practices to follow.

Don’t forget to check the events page (link on right hand side of screen) and sign up for events of interest.


10 Responses to “Fiddle Tuition Wed 15th June”

  1. Paul Says:

    Hi there

    I cannot make this one as a I have a lesson that evening which I organised a few weeks back – sorry.

    On another point, I now have the set lists for the sessions at the Islay Inn and I will bring copies along the next time I see you.

    Just to warn you however that there are about 150 tunes on it!!


  2. neil Says:

    i’ll be ok to come tomm night. C u there.

  3. Maly Bain Says:

    Hope to be there also.

  4. Paul Says:

    Hi there

    The list is a photocopy rather than a soft copy but I’ll see about writing it up and posting it here.

    Enjoy the lesson tomorrow.


    • Valerie Says:

      Hi Paul,

      If you want to update the blog pages and posts you can do it directly if you want – get a wordpress account and let me know the username you register and I can send you brief instructions or show you how. Alt I am happy to type the list up.

  5. Lesley Allton Says:

    I won’t manage tonight. Have fun!

  6. Paul Says:

    Valerie/ Neil

    I’ve sent you the full list of tunes now. Thankfully, I am a touch typist so it did not take too long.

    Happy scratching


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