Greenbank House Workshop 10th June


Feedback on this event was great.  Thanks to all who came along and joined in and helped with the organisation.

The venue was lovely and we had the Glasgow Fiddle Workshop advertising outside in the morning before it clouded over.  Unfortunately rain prevented us from playing outside in the afternoon – next time we are taking the gazebo.

There was a lot of positive feedback for Rebecca’s teaching style.

We covered Louis Waltz and Kate Martin’s Waltz and can practice these to polish them up.

Lunch and catering were great and we managed to have a good chat in between our slow session (not that slow) in the afternoon where we covered:

Angus MacLeod, Hector the Hero, Starry (Scratchy) Nights of Shetland, Leaving Lismore, Barnyards of Dalgety, Spootiskerry, Fear a Phige and Oovie Avie, Da Slockit Light, Colgrave Sound, The Bloody Fields of Flanders, Scare o Tatties, Calum’s Road, Margaret’s Waltz, Arran Boat Song, The Hopeful Lover, Stronsay Wedding, Mairi’s Wedding, Loch Lomond, Rocking the Baby in A and D, Stool of Repentance, High Road to Linton, Lea Rig, Jimmy Allen/Reel of Tullochgorm in D (some folk had in A and G so we agreed to look at this again but played in D as the person who chose it learned it in D), Barrowburn Reel, Soldier’s Joy, Flett from Flotta (few folk knew this but we gave it a bash some of us from the music)


12 Responses to “Greenbank House Workshop 10th June”

  1. Neil Says:

    Good day, I for one was all fiddled out by the end.
    Teacher was lovely – sorry, venue was lovely. Nice location. Typo!

  2. Stevie Says:

    A good day’s music and chat. Thanks to the organisers and special thanks to Alison for the use of her house.

  3. Neil Says:

    Its very clean Alison, did u clean up especailly for the visitors!
    And you make a good bowl of soup!

  4. Paul Says:

    I can only agree with the other comments. Thank you to everyone who put the effort into making this a really great day.


  5. Anna Says:

    What a lovely day. Many thanks to Valerie, Alison and Christine for taking the time to organise it. Good tunes, food and a wonderful location, what more could you ask for.


  6. Allan Says:

    Superb day. Well done organisers and tutor.

  7. Frances McCall Says:

    Great day!! Thanks go to all the organisers.

  8. Alison Says:

    I’m glad you enjoyed it – I think the accoustics in the Coach House are really good. I was sorry we were unable to go into the Garden because of the weather but hopefully another time. Thanks to all who helped tidy and clear up throughout the day and in particular Valerie and Christine. Hope you will return some time soon and have a chance to enjoy the Garden on a nice sunny day -we must be due one some time soon!!

  9. Paul Says:

    Only downside to the day is that the slurring on Kate Martin’s waltz is driving me mad. Anyone else struggling with F sharp (D2) to D (A3) on an up bow throughout the piece? Oh and don’t get me started on the three fiddly (forgive the pun) bars in the B part!

    Small problem though for a great day…


    • Valerie Says:

      Impressed you have practiced the tunes already! I don’t usually practice except at the Scratchy meets but I did actually do some practice today but of other tunes and also some stuff with lots of use of the G string (no jokes please!)

  10. carrie Says:

    Really enjoyed yesterday, great tunes food and venue. Thanks to all organisers and Alison for the coach house.

    Hope we get into the garden next time.

    Also having problems with slurring but think its down to the glass of wine rather than my technique!

  11. Maly Bain Says:

    Really enjoyed the Greenbank venue. Good tuition. Good soup and sandwich. Good practice session. Good coffee. Thanks to Valerie Alison and Christine for the organisation. Very well done. Oh and the parking arrangements couldn’t have been better.

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