Cleveden Secondary School Fayre


Just returned from the Cleveden Secondary School Fayre where some of us did a gig (practiced in public).  Finlay bolstered us up and we all had a good time and got in some practice.

scratching at cleveden secondary school

Some folk did better in the raffle than others!

See you Monday evening at Stow.  I will try to get there for 7 but might  be later as I am doing a poster at a conference and hopefully someone is going to take over from me so I can get to Stow on time.  Will be there before 8.



2 Responses to “Cleveden Secondary School Fayre”

  1. Finlay Says:

    Hi everyone

    Well done on Saturday and Sunday

    There will be photos of Sunday at some point I’m sure-I have one from Saturday that would be good on the blog but not sure how to post it…

    Well done!


  2. Valerie Says:

    Hi Finlay,

    Pic uploaded. Neil and Iain joined us later. Video to follow!

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