Practice Update 4th May 2011


Brilliant session tonight.  I think the overall timing is coming along and we are playing better as a group.  Sure there were mistakes and a few escapees attempting to up the speed to a canter at times but overall I think we did very well.

Stevie will be pleased to know we did our homework and practiced the set list for 15th May and I think having someone play intros helped with standardising the timing.

We also tried the following:

High Road to Linton

Colgrave Sound

The Lea Rig

Hector The Hero

Soldier’s Joy

For the Young

Little Diamond

Barnyards o Dalgetty

Next practice is Monday night at Stow College.


3 Responses to “Practice Update 4th May 2011”

  1. Maly Bain Says:

    I agree that was a brilliant session last night and playing intros does help in standardising the the timing. Valerie did well to mention that the endings need to be tidied up. Finlay was a great exponent for sharp abrupt end notes and a strong finish on a chord.
    Sorry I can’t make the Falkirk Wheel this weekend or indeed the Erskine date.
    Good luck with the gig.

    • Valerie Says:


      Maybe we can get a tutor to help us practice endings sometime. I think we will need to stick mainly with ending on a note – abrupt or otherwise but hopefully all doing something similar until we practice more chord endings.

  2. becksie Says:

    Good luck with the Falkirk wheel gig today, get some photos!

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