Practice Update 27th April


We had fun trying out the timing for our gig list.  If you are taking part in the gig on 15th May (all welcome) please read the attached and give feedback.

scratchy gig

In addition we tried:

Little Diamond

For the Young

The Lea Rig

Barrowburn Reel

Colgrave Sound

See those who aready confirmed on 4th May – this practice session is full.


8 Responses to “Practice Update 27th April”

  1. Stevie Says:

    Good work Valerie and David, there was me thinking you’d be sitting in the sun drinking beer when you were sorting out gig lists, intros and timings…. and drinking beer. Good stuff last night with a few volunteers for various intros and progress on tempo and tunes to suit all.

  2. Valerie Says:

    Hi Stevie,

    Can recommend the Mousehole Moonshine from Truro. Barbie has gone out now and it is getting cold. I hope the neighbours are not too sad that the gig has ended. Usually get a few dogs joining in with the singing but no takers today – must have been really bad!

    Enjoy Lovely Stornoway.

  3. becksie Says:

    Must have took you a bit of worki doi8ng this , but well done!
    Good stuff, i’m well impressed!

  4. Paul Says:

    Hi Valerie

    I may now have to attend a work event this Wednesday so best give my spot to someone else who can definitely make it. I’d rather not mess you around.

    Quite keen to be involved in the future playing fiddle/ mandolin/ guitar as needed.

    Good luck


  5. Valerie Says:

    Thanks Paul. Keep an eye on the blog more stuff coming soon. Are you available 15th May c2-3.30pm for the ‘gig’ at Erskine Hospital?

  6. Paul Says:

    Hi Valerie

    Hope you have a great rehearsal tonight. Off to a seminar on the Reputation of Banking so fair to say you’ll have more fun than me.

    Yes I am free on the 15th and happy to come along. I’ll also bring my mandolin for those tunes I’ve not played before on the fiddle as my sight reading is not too bad. Let me know if you’d like me to also play guitar (though not at the same time as that would be daft).

    See you soon


    • Valerie Says:

      Cheers Paul,

      It’s a tough call – I am sure our ‘audiences’ would prefer the banking talk at some points!

      We can discuss who’s playing what on the 15th at GFW next week.

      Would you be willing to do a few intros (on any instrument) – just say no if it makes you feel uncomfortable at all.

  7. Paul Says:

    Hi there,

    Happy to do as many intros as you need.

    See you next week


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