Practice Update 13th April


Some of us got together last night.  Thank you to Iain for hosting.

Got a lot of practice in and covered off most of the tunes we did not practice on 11th April with the exception of Colgrave Sound and the Exhibition Hall as only a few folk has been at the workshops where these were originally taught.

We also had a go at Da Slockit Light which sounded not too bad and The Reel of Tullochgorm aka Jimmy Allen which was a bit unfamiliar.

We tried some combinations of tunes which we think worked fine though we are happy to be given alternative suggestions.  I am hoping Iain will remember what we tried to combine – I think we tried:

–  Scarce O Tatties with Stool of Repentance and considered we might add Rocking the Baby at the beginning of this set

– Fear a Phige and Oovie Avie

– Britches Fu O Stitches and Egan’s Polka

– High Road to Linton (was preceded by another tune maybe Spootiskerry?)

See you Monday 18th at Stow College for some more scratching.


7 Responses to “Practice Update 13th April”

  1. Allan Says:

    Cheers for a guid night Iain and cheers for the beer! That’s our little secret!!

  2. neil beck Says:

    Cheers Ian, top night!

  3. neil beck Says:

    What beer?

  4. neil beck Says:

    I never seen any beer!

  5. Allan Says:

    Schhh! It’s me and iains secret.

  6. Iain Andrew Says:

    Many thanks to everyone that turned up I had a great time! (and the beer was good too shhh). Happy to host sometime in the future again if there is a missing venue.
    As for the sets we tried … Spootiskerry and Highroad to Linton sounds like a good choice to me and another Fairy Lullaby and Stary Nights of Shetland?

  7. Valerie Says:

    Cheers Iain. Look forward to making some more scratchy noises soon. Maybe my attempt at memorising For the Young will come along in a year or two.

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