Please register your interest for events


Hi All,

A few potential events.  Please can you either email me at or comment using the comment button below re your interest in the following.  Indication of interest does not commit you – just to get an idea of viability:

4th April practice venue TBC in Glasgow

11th April practice venue TBC in Glasgow

4th May practice venue TBC in Glasgow

Day practice possibly with a tuition element at Greenbank House, Clarkston.   Please indicate any date preferences and whether you prefer just to practice or might like to have a tutor for a few hours:

Potential dates:

21st or 22nd May

4th or 5th June

11th or 12th June


6 Responses to “Please register your interest for events”

  1. Busy Lady Says:

    Interested in the Greenbank House day. 11th or 12th June would suit best.

  2. Allan Says:

    Hi Valerie, I would be interested in all of the above. Cheers, Allan.

  3. Neil Beck Says:

    Im interested in the 3 dates the fiddle workshop is off.Ta!

  4. Stevie Says:

    4th and 11th April suit me for a practice but can’t do 4th May. Greenbank House sounds good too, at the moment any dates suit and I’m open to either practice or tuition/practice.

  5. Anna Says:

    Your doing a great job Valerie. Unfortunately can’t manage the practice days, got a few wee holidays lined up. The Greenbank House would be great for 4/5th or 11/12th of June. Tuition would be good, its always great to get a few new tunes.

    Cheers Anna


    Hi Velarie
    Enjoy the sessions !!! Thank you for all the organisation. I will be available on 4th and 11th April and 11th and 12 th June.

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